How to setup Header scroll behavior from the Thyone template


I installed in my WP the thyone template (JupiterX 1.1.0), but the sticky header behaves differently as in this demo
In my thyone the header is static and after scrolling when offset is reached then the sticky header appears.
I would like to have the behavior from the demo thyone, where on scroll the header is fixed and after offset is reached it transforms to the sticky header.
Thank you for your help


Can you share your site URL so that I can see the difference?


Please share your credentials in private, not in the public. thanks.


How can I send the login credential to Danish_Iqbal in private ?


Just click on his username and then send a message to him.


I don’t see a send message button.

Could @Danish_Iqbal send me a private message. That should display in my notifications or email
Thank you


The site Thyone I posted above is from Jupiter template and not from Jupiter X. On this link it behaves the same as I imported it.
My bad, I apologize


Glad you figured it out :slightly_smiling_face: