How to setup functions.php in Child Theme?


I would like to add some own Shortcodes to my Blog. Can anyone show me how i need to build the functions.php for the Child Theme?

I tried to just copy the functions.php into the Child Theme, but then my Blog disappears.

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As much as I know, you cant have two functions.php files with Jupiter. You can have an empty functions.php in the main theme and modified one in the child theme but then you would have to upload an empty one every time you update your theme. So I would modify the main functions.php file instead.

So for now, if you need to modify the functions.php file in Jupiter, you would have to upload the modified file in the main theme after every update.


Oh, okay, i did not know that.
Thank you for this info!


It’s me again, i’m not ready with this topic.

In functions.php at line 69 there is a note that says "Use this constant in child theme functions.php to unify …"
So i think there must be a way.
Maybe someone else knows more?

Customize functions.php wp 4.5.2 Jupiter 5.1.5

In that case, I would recommend opening a ticket at Artbees Support.

Here is one other topic about functions.php file. Its about WPML but the logic should be the same.


I found out how it works, with a little help of my hubby :blush:

Just a empty functions.php with <?php followed with my Shortcode-Details :+1:


hmmmmmm, very interesting :slight_smile:


Thank you Nadine! I just did it too and it worked just fine.

Have a great day!