How to improve your website speed


I have wasted whole day to find out the best settings and plugins that help to improve page speed. Hopefully, this will be helpful for some of you, jupiter users:

  1. Install W3 Total Cache and Better Wordpress Minifying plugin.
  2. Import my settings for W3 and apply them:
  3. Do the same for BWP Minifying as on my screenshot
  4. Insert at the end of your .htaccess file:
  5. Insert this code in your functions.php file (wp-content/themes/jupiter

I’m not really sure what have worked from all of this magic, but my google insight page speed went from 66 to 95. Thanks to the “support team” who offered ZERO help on this issue, except for suggestion of using their 30$/hr paid service.


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My apologies, I commented to quickly… It seems this may in fact be some very good advice.
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Thank you for sharing! Very helpful!


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I followed the instructions to the letter. It sort of breaks my site as anything that has some javascript applied (effects, sticky header etc) just doen’t show up.


See this guide here, this will help :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post… I am trying to configure your recommendations now. One question, the w3 total cache settings are not uploading to w3tc upload wizard… Is this because of the file name? or is this method outdated?



Anything similar for IIS web.config ???


Hello, I get 97 on desktop and on mobile devices it dosen’t work, i’m still waiting for an answer cause on mobile device compression and all the stuff it dosen’t seem to work.


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We’ve always had performance issues with our configuration of Jupiter. We paid Artbees to optimize the theme and then paid WP Rocket as well. It helped, but it felt like there were a lot of compromises. The two things that slowed our site down was the fact we use Salesforce Pardot (Marketing Automation) and Wisita (Video Host).

But despite all odds, I found someone on Fiveer that helped us go from:

  • GTmetrix PageSpeed 84% -> 99%
  • GTmetrix YSlow 71% -> 88%
  • Google PSI Desktop: 67 -> 95
  • Google PSI Desktop: 77 -> 97

Check out our GTmetrix report here.

Artbees support is worth every penny in getting the site to look and feel right. Couldn’t have made look the way it does without them. But unfortunately, they’re not the right service provider for speeding up a website. Then again, neither was WP Rocket. The lesson learned here is to find a specialist who’s niche is speeding up websites.

If anyone else is keen to try our setup, here’s a brief of what services/plugins we use:

  • Host: WP Engine
  • CDN: Cloudflare
  • Cache: WP Rocket
  • Lazy Load: BJ Lazy
  • Minification: JCH Pro

Wasn’t thrilled at first that so many new plugins. But with the increase in performance, can’t argue with those results. Hope this helps anyone looking to speed up their website :+1:


You need to get install Wordpress with OLS.
You get OLS cache.
Hit 100% on non throttle Google lighthouse.
Hit at least 75% 3G Google lighthouse after OLS cache turned on.
Squeeze out 5% more with optimizing with Google Tag Manager and deferring scripts.
Remove unused plugins that have css loading for users.
If you need help I will write a guide for business growth


Read this article for me that worked