How to have the same layout for all pages?


Hello all,

I’m a regular Wordpress and Jupiter Theme fan. I currently have a question which I’m unable to find a solution to. I believe it’s quite easy to do, however I need a little advice in the right direction please!

I’m using Jupiter X and I’ve created a Home Page layout. I’d like this same layout to appear on every page across my site. It’s a very basic layout with a header, left side bar, right side bar and a middle section for all the content to appear.

For example: If somebody clicks on a post, they will be taken to the post page but with this exact same layout. The post content will appear in the middle section of the page. Same if they have chosen a post category, they’ll be taken to a page which lists all posts from that category in the middle section.

I’ve included an image here which should help with what I’m trying to achieve. I believe I just need to do something with a few of the template files and place them into the child theme directory.

Site I’m editing is:

I hope someone with much Wordpress experience is able to help! I’d love to continue using Jupiter as there is no other theme out there for me. I’m willing to customise files, just need a little advice please.

Kind Regards,