How to add 2 columns under 3 columns in the same Section



Here’s my issue:

I am trying to create a page with 5 icons (3 on top, 2 underneath), and have all of them in one Section.
Is this possible?

First I’ve created 3 columns… and I add 2, but they are in a new Section.

Why do I want it in the same?
Because I am using an image to fill the background (of that 1st section), and I stretched it to fill up the screen.

If the additional 2 columns are in a new section… The background is blank.

Or is there a way to appl your background image over 2 sections?

Thank you for your help,


If you are adding a section, then you can add the background image to the section so that it stretches for all the 3 columns inside that section. Would that work for you?


Thank you Danish… I actually found a way to create “sub-sections” and it seems to be working.


Glad you figured it out :slightly_smiling_face: