How should Developers handle theme registration


I’m reading your support page about registering my Jupiter theme here:
I am a developer. I buy themes with the intention of installing them on a site I build for my clients. Also, when I develop the site, I do it on a development server, not the live server, but I need full functionality on that development server.
How do you recommend I handle registration?
When I move the site from the development server to the live server, will I need to re-register?
Should I be registering these themes with different Artbees accounts for every site I build with one of your themes?


Follow up question…
Is there “real” support here at Artbees or just the forums?


Hi @Mark_Widawer

We are here to help you. I understand your issue.

The purpose of the registration system is to make sure 1 valid installation is in the place at the same time. But it does not limit you where you want to install it.

So you can install the theme on your staging server wherever you want including local machine or subdomain.

Whenever you want you can go to this URL and delete the existing API Key and generate a new one for your another server:

It will invalidate the current installation and now you can re-register your new server again with new API Key generated.

Best regards,
Artbees Support


Perfect. Thank you.


Does that mean we can use it with WPMU?


Hi @Midi_Hipi

Do you mean WPML?[quote=“Midi_Hipi, post:5, topic:6515”]

If it’s WPML translation plugin, you have to buy a license for that.
The Jupiter theme comes compatible with WPML but doesn’t include a license for that.

Best regards,
Artbees Support