How important is Elementor Pro?


With Elementor baked in, it’s inevitable to see Elementor Pro upsells throughout WP Admin…

I specifically just got Jupiter X for my new personal site as it works with today’s industry leading page builder… Plus supposedly has optimizations like Raven and official support. There’s also WunderWP, which looks like an Elementor Global Elements substitute.

Now, since it’s Thanksgiving week (and Elementor is running a weeklong promo), I want to know if I’ll likely need Elementor Pro or if I can generally get away without it.

Note that I don’t run an agency (i.e. I make WordPress sites for my own projects/business) so I don’t need to build advanced stuff for varying client needs. My projects are generally pretty basic as I try to keep the website simple and focus on content creation instead.

I’ll likely use custom page types and we now got ACF packaged in Jupiter X so that’s cool.

How vital is Elementor Pro?