How do you create a Post or Page with links to tagged content


Sorry if this is basic - but I want to create a Page or Post for a Coach (Employee) showing all the Videos (Posts) they have been in. Is that easy?

Site is


I’m not sure if I understood it correctly.

If i get it right, you have to simply add all the videos to the page that you will create for a specific employee. You can add the videos using Youtube. For the posts, you will have to add the links of the posts in the page/post.


Thanks Danish

I was wondering if there was a quick way, that automatically updates, using Tags or something.

So people might like Coach John Smith for example. It would be nice if they can see all the videos he is coaching in. So I was thinking of adding those links to his Employee Page.

If I have to do it manually that’s fine, but I will need to remember to update it after each new video comes out.


The videos that you are talking about where would those videos come from?
You can probably add videos to a Youtube playlist for every specific employee and then add the playlist to the page which should automatically update the videos.


The videos are just Posts located on the same website. Each of them is tagged with the coach of the video, so I thought there may be away to show a list.


Okay, you can use the Blog element to showcase all the posts of a specific category on a page/post.


Yes a Category, and I can see you can specify a specific Post or Author, bit not a tag or employee. So it looks like I can’t do it.


You have added all these employees as a default POST with some categories? Right?

Or have you added them in the Employee post type?


SOrry Danish, not quote sure what you mean.

Just had this back from Jupiter support - which basically says to create new Categories named after the Employees, then use the short code for the new categories. I will try that.

I would do it by adding the vidoes as “Blog” posts but in “Video” format. Then I would add the name of the author as a category and assign each video to the proper category. Then on each employee page, I would add a Blog shortcode and limit it to show only the videos related to that category name.


That worked!

If you scroll down to MARK TROTTER and click on his image, it now brings up his profile with his videos underneath.

Thanks for your help - got there in the end. :slight_smile:


Oh great, I’m glad it works for you.
Btw, this is what I was exactly referring to


Thanks Danish for your help!


You’re welcome and have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face: