Hide accordion section on click


Hiding accordion section on click works perfectly only in multiple toggles mode, in single mode section opens, but does not close if i click on it one more time.
Can you send me a script example so i can replace it or tell what can i do with that problem.
I try to search accordion script by class keyword “mk-accordion-single” in Jupiter folder, but had no luck, i don’t understand how it works.
Please sorry for my bad english.


This may be too late for Sergio, but if anyone else is looking for a work-around for this, I found an okay solution. Bit janky but works well enough.

Set your accordion to “Multiple Toggles Open At A Time”. Then add the following css, remember to set your own min-height based on your content in the accordion:

.mk-accordion-single.current .mk-accordion-pane {
display: none!important;

.mk-accordion-single .mk-accordion-pane {
display: block!important;
min-height: /add your min height in pixels here/;

It helps if you set the content in your accordion to have a viewport animation. I used “scale up” and it worked well.