Header + footer & elementor/raven functions missing or misaligned after update


After updates of all plugins that run Jupiter X, my header and footer works but design is gone. Background images gone from everywhere used (header, footer, pages, posts). Elements missing. Placements wrong or misaligned.
On pages and posts elements are missing and misaligned. Fonts messed up.
Blogroll does not work.
I have tried going back to older versions of all plugins that were updated, but it didn’t help!

What do I do?


Same here! After updating the theme and plugins to the latest version EVERYTHING is messed up! The standard blog layouts do not show up right, menu is missing, fonts are wrong…

In my case i downgraded to the version before and installed the old Raven plugin and the Jupiter X Core. Then everything reverted back to normal.


Same thing here. The footer became the header, all fonts reverted to default. Downgrading to previous version of the site with my backup copy until the bugs get worked out on the new version.

Also, the “custom single blog post” looks amazing. Do you have to start from scratch or can you start with a standard blog post, customize it then save it as a template? I just worry from an SEO point of view if I start from scratch I may be missing some key elements.


I solved it ny increasing memory to 256, downgrading Raven and Jupiter X core and then updating them again. Everything back to normal!


Hmm. I checked and my memory is already set to 256. Seems like there are other issues with this latest version.