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For our website we are using the Header builder…
Is there a way to extend the sub menu width?
some of our sub menu items are longer than the block and it splits them and puts them under each other.

i just want the sub menu text to be full lenght and not being split.

Is there an option for this in the header builder (i cannot find it)? or do i need a different solution?

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Please share your site URL to check the issue.

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Artbees Support.


Hi Tatyana,

The Url:

See menu item training.

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Please add this code in Theme Options > Advanced > Custom CSS:

.mkhb-navigation-ul > li.hb-no-mega-menu ul.sub-menu li.menu-item a.menu-item-link {
    min-width: 350px !important;

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Artbees Support.


thanks for the update.


You’re welcome.

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