Header Builder - Set Layout Columns using percentages



Loving the new header builder but I wish to create more complex header layouts and I’m having trouble using the preset column options.

e.g. Creating a custom header with the logo in the center and navigation either side is pretty much impossible with the current layout options. Or even a header similar to the screenshot below.

I think customising the columns by a percentage to create your own layout would be much more useful that the current preset situation. As an example, for the screenshot above you could create a header with the following column widths -
25% (logo), 45% (navigation), 20% (nav 2 - currency dropdown & sign in link), 10% (shopping cart)

I love the header builder so far but would really enjoy options to further customise the header and create more complex header designs. If I have missed a setting or some other way to achieve the layout screenshot above in the current header builder please do let me know. :slight_smile:



this NEED feature!

I will write mine header builder feature request… and this is one of I need too!


Thank you for the feature request. We will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests or if our developers see it fit.