Header-builder opens a empty page


after i install the beta version b2, the header-builder opened the page, but today when i try to enter the header-builder page it opens a empty page, i checked on Chrome and Firefox, and empty the cache, but doesn’t open.



Could you please send us a screenshot of the page?

Also please send a screenshot of the console. Press ctrl+shift+i in chrome to launch the console.

Thank you.


I installed the beta tester in a new subdomain, and in this new subdomain (in the same server) the Header-builder is working fine.

I’m sending the print screen of the one that is not working with Chrome and Firefox… because this could have to do with a plugin conflict, i’m also sending a printscreen with the list of installed plugins.





Okay, if the Header Builder is working on the new sub-domain, this means there is some issue with the previous one.

Please try the below ways to fix the issue:

Firstly ensure that you enable Header Builder in Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Header

  1. Deactivate all the plugins and then go to Header Builder page. Clear the browser cache (ctrl+f5 or cmd+f5)

  2. Ensure you are logged into wordpress dashboard, copy the below URL and paste it in the URL bar of the browser.
    Please replace http://my-domain.com with your domain name.

Please try the above 2 individual steps and let me know if any of the 2 worked.

Also, the 3rd screenshot which you have sent is the screenshot of the Elements tab, please send the screenshot of the Console tab. Console tab is to the right of the Elements tab.