Header Builder Feature Request - a lot of work



Hello! I’m a new user of Jupiter, but experienced a bit with another theme.
so, I love Jupiter, and love header builder.
I understand that is new feature, but a lof work must be done.

so, go on.

  1. I’m sorry, but where is icon or special function for “SITE LOGIN”? there is icon features for Phone and Email… and for shopping cart. but I couldn’t find LOGIN icon (yes, I could insert any Icon, but I ask about login process and user name show…may be with user menu attached - like “prifile, orders, logout, etc…”

  2. others already wrote about it. We need columns percentage customizing! presets doesn’t work properly. so, now I use one-column layout…and align elements left-center-right…with margin ыуеештпыюююющщщррюююскфзюю

  3. please! make COPY feature for elements and for rows. it’s a headache to make row again with all settings from normal header to sticky header… My sticky header is almost the same normal header…just without one row… but I need to make it all again.

  4. I need Light and Dark standart MASTER styling (basic color schemes, skins…wich will be used first… and then, if need, we will change colors of any element)… most people use one or two color schemes at rows. Light and Dark (or any other rainbow)… and all elements must be in style.
    But just Imagine. we have many elements in any row. What we need to do, if we want to slighlty change color schemes? Yes, we need to change any element independent… It’s a crap and headache…OMG!
    We hardly need feature to make basic color schemes (skins… color of elements, background, text, hover, hover backgrnoud, etc…) and attache skins to entire row… and then, if need, override it with setting of each element.
    make some skins… and set them to row.

  5. what wrong with typography? for menu fonts. there is no options for fonts… if I need 400-weight fonts?

  6. search style options? I’m add search icon… but there is no options… only full-screen style search…

I think, it’s not all… but these is HARDLY needed!

I attached some screenshots.
below in comments










Below are the points from your request. I understood some of them but need more explanation about some.

Feature requests that need more explanation:

  1. Add user login icon — Are you just talking about the icons or the functioning also??

  2. Add subscribe button MailChimp & contact form — Are you just talking about the icons or the functioning also??

  3. About the light and dark skin — Could you please explain it a bit. I did not exactly get the idea.

Feature requests I understood:

  1. Copying the header elements to the sticky header.

  2. Column layout width customization.

  3. Another search style


  1. Font weight missing for Navigation Style - menu section.

Is there anything else that I missed out on? Please let me know then?

Waiting for your reply.


I wrote you admin login in private message.

1-2 - yes. it’s all about functioning! cause I can add any icon I llike from list. but it’s only icon…
it means, there is no function in your header builder to add user login or user subscribe form… (ok, I can add URL to icon…but it URL to another page, this is not cute method)

    • oh… light force, dark force…force is force…
      let me explain… I talk about row skins appears to all elements in row.
      give us function to add some skins, and than attach skin to row. and all elements in row will accept colors from skin…
      and then, if we need, we could manually set any color in any element… if we need.

-main color
-backgrnd color
-hover color
-hover background color
-link color
-link hover color

now I have some elements in each row. (2-3 rows usually)
I need to make sticky header…

then I need transparrent header for video or image background.

and if I need additional header for some pages cause I need another colors?

and If I need to slightly change color schemes???
Just imagine, I need to change colors for EACH element in EACH row in EACH header.!
it will nuke my mind and work time.

If I have main skin attached for row - I can change color for all elements in one place.

about fonts…
what a chaos with typography settings? body and headings - hmmm… ok…
but there is some shit with menus (and with your header builder too). and with some elements (in sub menu any size-weight font looks the same)
and where is settings for breadcrums?? I did’n’t find them

aobut styles of blog (I wrote in another ticket).
they does not work…
I gave you admin login, you could try.

and… please… add function to show full featured image in blog post, but with smaller height…
cause if I try to make smaller height - image crops ugly… I need full, but smaller size image…
or…if there is this function - it does not work…

on more…
I like clear and bold style blog post…but dont like blending featured image with authors data and other…
what about to make this blending with independent option to any style of post?

I want clear and bold style with classic style of featured image in heading :))

this is all for today…
hope, it was constructive…

I like another theme - Shopkeeper…
clean, beuty, stylish, shop, products, portfolio and blog styles so cool…but no wpbakery…and ovveral functionality is not very good…
I think, you could grab some ideas and make youк theme the best! :slight_smile:

your feel is clean…
I choose from Jupiter and Shopkeeper :slight_smile: