Header Builder Bug Report: Main Menu won't link to anchor points



The Main Menu I implemented using the Header Builder (Beta) seemingly does not link to anchors within the same page. I had successfully setup a one-page navigation using a regular header before testing with the Header Builder.

RESOLVED: Turns out it’s my fault; I had duplicate Page Sections using the same IDs; one for desktop and one for mobile. When I changed the duplicate ID, for instance, from “about” to “aboutmobile”, they work.


Thanks for taking time to check the Header Builder.
I’m glad you were able to figure out the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:



I may have spoken too soon — while my explanation above did solve the issue of the anchor links not working in a Desktop main navigation, I’ve incorporated a sticky navigation for desktop as well, and those links are not going to their anchor points. Same menu is selected as with the main navigation: “Main Menu.”

Maybe this is just my inexperience again; any ideas now why the anchor links wouldn’t work in a sticky nav but they do work in the main nav?


I tested the issue and this seems to be a valid bug.
The issue persists on normal as well as sticky menu. I am not sure how you made it work on the normal menu though.

I will report it to the dev team.

Thank you for your efforts and thank you for making Jupiter better. :slightly_smiling_face:


I used buttons instead of the navigation/menu to get the anchor links to work.


Okay, that confirms the navigation has issue with anchor links both on normal as well as sticky menu.
It will be fixed in the future update.