Headeк builder font issues with menu


look at my screenshots.

there is somth abnormal with fonts in header builder navigation menu…

I’m trying Roboto, Helvetica, Arial…
in Prime menu it look abnormally bold and low-height.
and no options (except Roboto) for font weight.

ok. with Roboto I could change font weight… but with normal 400 weight it looks like other font… not Roboto.

in Sub menu it’is ok…



Could you please share the website URL?



site not published yet. (on domain https://vesssna.com is old site now)
only IP address.


ohhh! what is chaos here!???

is header builder settings - Roboto, 12 px, 400-weight.

but in header this is 12-600 and 14-300…


when in header builder 12px 300 weight.
in header on site there is:



I just now tested this on my local and it seems to be working fine for me.

We need to directly test it on your domain. Is it possible that you can upload it somewhere?

If you can, then please create a new ticket here https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/new-ticket

While creating the ticket, please add all the details including WP Login details and FTP details



Having this issue as well. The header builder will not bold the fonts in the text box, regardless of font. Is there a code for this that can be added to the custom CSS section?

I can’t seem to find the correct one…all I have is mkhb-textbox-el__link


Anyone? The custom header builder will not bold fonts within a text box.