Guidelines For Jupiter Element Request Poll - March 23rd-29th


Hi there everyone,

The following list is a roundup of the elements people have recently asked for in our Jupiter survey as well as the forum (we’ll get to the feature requests at a later date). In order to make final decisions on which elements to add to Jupiter we’re holding this poll and we need your input!

  • Here, we’ll add 15 of the items with the highest number of votes in our upcoming updates to Jupiter! You will have up to 15 votes based on your trust level on following basis:

Trust Level 0: 10 votes
Trust Level 1: 12 votes
Trust Level 2, 3, 4: 15 votes

  • Please note feature requests are not included in this list. For example ‘speed improvement’ is a feature request while ‘add modal shortcode’ or ‘add extra customisability to Google Map shortcode’ is an element request. We will reflect your ideas about what features to add via other polls, this one is only for elements.

  • There are about a hundred items to vote for so please make sure to check the list in full before you vote; you never know what great elements may be on the bottom half of the list!

  • In order to place your vote, click on the item and in the upcoming thread page click on Vote.

  • This Poll will be active from March 23rd-29th so please make sure to review the list and submit your votes in time. We want to have the full picture of what elements you want!

Thank you everyone in advance for your participation!