German Translation Files


Dear users, is there anyone who translated or who wants to translate the Jupiter theme in German language?

If yes, please contribute the translation files here.

Thank you.


i could translate it into german…



In that case, you can add the translation files here.



Hi, do you have something ready?



In the other thread, I see you have sent a dropbox link which consists of German (Deutsch) translation files.

Should we use them or are they not complete yet?



Hello Danish,

here the translated files:

As written on Wednesday the 30.05.18, I sat down directly and translated the file one day later. I cannot guarantee that all translations are correct. I am very happy if someone can take over the quality assurance.
Some things can only be checked to see if they make sense when the functions are fully used.

Unfortunately, many elements like Google Maps have not been translated. Either the assignments or simply the English references are missing there. Could you check that out?
If you want, you can integrate this into your release. There will certainly be adjustments in the future. Of course there are still some elements missing which I could not find in the PO.

Furthermore, I am very happy if you can answer me what you mean by Slug or Pingbacks. I couldn’t translate that.

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe die Übersetzung innerhalb eines Tages durchgeführt. Dennoch kann ich nicht versprechen, dass die Übersetzungen korrekt sind. Ich freue mich sehr, wenn ein paar Personen die Qualitätssicherung übernehmen können. Ich danke vielmals im Voraus.

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German translation file .po anyone?
German translation / Deutsche Ăśbersetzung

Hello Marius,

Thank you for the translation files. We really appreciate you taking the time to make Jupiter better.
Well, the translation files project is dependent on our community members as it is not possible for us to create the files or assure quality due to obvious reasons of not knowing the languages.

The strings that you are not sure about, you can simply leave them in English. May be there will be someone who can continue the work on your files in future.

This is an ongoing job and I totally understand that there will be more adjustments in the future.

Well, Slug is something that works as an identifier to a custom post type. You cannot have multiple custom post types having a similar slug.

For the pingback, you can read this nice article

Thank you again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Danish,

the challenge is partly that some English places are missing there. Correspondingly also the corresponding string. For this we would need a current version of the English file from you for the community, so that really all passages can be translated.


The English file is already available in the Languages folder of the theme.



is it too late to contribute for jupiter 6 ? i would like to check the german files


I think it’s not too late yet.
You can still translate it.