GDPR Conform GoogleAnalytics


Hi Artbees Team,

it would be nice to have a “Anonimize IP” Checkbox under Jupiter/Themeoptions/Global Settings/API Integrations/Other Integarions/Google Maps API Key.

At the moment we use other Plugins like “Header&Footer Code” just to implement GoogleAnalytics with the JupiterTheme in a legal way for the EU.


Hi Artbees Team,

here is a suggestion for the implementation:

I added the following array to the File: masterkey.php in the ‘Other Integrations’ array

					'type'  => 'mk-toggle',
					'label' => __( 'GoogleAnalytics Anonymize IP', 'mk_framework' ),
					'help' => __( 'Anonymize IP for GoogleAnalytics.', 'mk_framework' ),
					'model' => 'google_analytics_anonymize_ip',
					'default' => 'false',
					'styleClasses' => 'col-sm-12 col-md-6',

and this term to the File: wp_footer.php in between: “ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);” and “ga_fired = true;”

<?php if ( $mk_options['google_analytics_anonymize_ip'] == 'true' ) {
			echo "ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true);";

I dont know whether this solution complies with your programming conventions but i hope that a solution like this would make it into the next Version of your JupiterTheme…


That’s a decent implementation!
I wouldn’t even have made the effort of adding a checkbox for that but just make it standard. So, add

ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true);

before line 71 in


Just make sure to re-apply this change when the file gets updated by Artbees.


Hi Roland,

Thank you, for the reply!

My intention was to find a solution without disabling IP tracking completly. Because Jupiter serves the Theme worldwide and there are still countrys that dont care about IP tracking. So i thougt the only proper way to get it done in a way Artbees would implemet it is a checkbox solution.

And my hope is, that Artbees implemets the solution in the next Jupiter Version for real. So that i DONT have to “make sure to re-apply this change when the file gets updated by Artbees”.

I really hope Artbess will put it in the next Version, so that i can forget about it in the future.


Hi Guys. We are preparing a release for GDPR which will cover all of the concerns. Please stay tuned.


One thing which I haven’t seen in a theme yet but would be super cool:

  • a feature to serve google fonts locally

Technically I could think of a “theme cache” that downloads the google fonts which are chosen inside Theme Options -> Typography and serves them from the server via @font-face.

Jupiter for the first fully GDPR compliant theme? :wink:


Well, we may not be able to server the Google Fonts locally (due to copy right), but we are implementing a feature to deactivate the Google Fonts in the theme. In order to add local fonts, you can use this workarounds:


Anything yet? I really need to anonymise IP for Google Analytics, and we’re getting close to 25 May GDPR deadline! Thanks


In case you can not wait for the release, please just do not use the Google Analytics tracking code in the Theme Options and override your footer.php in a child theme and place your Anonymous tracking code in it. We are doing our best to release the fix before 25th of May anyway.


I am just replying to get notified when there’s news on this subject. :loudspeaker: