GDPR Conform GoogleAnalytics Implementation


Hi Artbees Team,

it would be nice to have a “Anonimize IP” Checkbox under Jupiter/Themeoptions/Global Settings/API Integrations/Other Integarions/Google Maps API Key.

At the moment we use other Plugins like “Header&Footer Code” just to implement GoogleAnalytics with the JupiterTheme in a legal way for the EU.


Hi Artbees Team,

here is a suggestion for the implementation:

I added the following array to the File: masterkey.php in the ‘Other Integrations’ array

						'type'  => 'mk-toggle',
						'label' => __( 'GoogleAnalytics Anonymize IP', 'mk_framework' ),
						'help' => __( 'Anonymize IP for GoogleAnalytics.', 'mk_framework' ),
						'model' => 'google_analytics_anonymize_ip',
						'default' => 'false',
						'styleClasses' => 'col-sm-12 col-md-6',

and this term to the File: wp_footer.php in between: “ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’);” and “ga_fired = true;”

<?php if ( $mk_options['google_analytics_anonymize_ip'] == 'true' ) {
				echo "ga('set', 'anonymizeIp', true);";

I dont know whether this solution complies with your programming conventions but i hope that a solution like this would make it into the next Version of your JupiterTheme…


Sorry for reposting this into the “Jupiter User Requests” but i think this is where it belongs more then here…