Frontend load killing bug


When using Polylang or WMPL installed prior to installing the theme I got some bug. When setting Theme options in customize.php the responsible DB table theme_mods_jupiterx-child genereted some trash code that multiplied in progression on every further setting. Making the code in that table 500000 symbols long and killing the fronend loading of the site. After clearing the table I had to set theme options again and could not recreate problem further with all plugins active. But it happened 100% for about 10 times on fresh install with Polylang or WPML plugin. I’ve built one website without these plugins and had no issues, so this is only a guess and the only difference. Had same bug with 1.2 version and may be 1.1. Trash code started progressing from setting Typography - Heading options. Please, pay attention, it costed me about 4 days to analize this bug.

The code looked like: “i:1,b:0;i:2,b:0;i:3,b:0…i:500000,b:0;i:500001,b:0;” may be it had c:0 too…


Somehow recreated it. I’ve built main page, custom header, custom footer with elementor. Everything worked fine. Then I just cloned page and started editing it and that’s it - my pages now load for 4 mins.


Noticed Post Options - Main - Background color works only for one of my cloned posts


Deactivated WPML, resaved pages, did some dance and it loads fine somehow even with wmpl activated back…


According to the changelog this was fixed:

May 28, 2019
Bug Fix : Huge table under _options and 500 error.


Where did you found changelog for v 1.4.0?
I’m also waiting for new version…


It was removed apparently, coming soon then…


It is still happening, thanks for this post it gave me the clue because it was driving me mad. After translating the site with no problems with polylang wanted to make a fine tunning of h3 in single blog (on customiser). After that was impossible to access front end with 500 error in all pages. Tried everything, from server php update, plugins, theme deactivation, delete and reinstall, everything… last 24 h have been insane. Found this thread and there were tons of thrash data in some tables (can’t remember names I’m on the phone) myphp admin hanged several times just deleted them and everything got back again. I needed to make customisation again but so far so good.

They need to address this.

Thanks mates :blush: