Flickering when scrolling


Hi i have some issue while scrolling on any jupiter website. user “VP_SEASEO” on themeforest.net seems to have the exact same problem as me so i’ll quote his problem

"Hi ! great theme, I was watching some website running with Jupiter 6 on your artbees portfolio but with Google Chrome navigator, the website was flickering during navigation when scrolling with my mouse !

Please let me know before purchase, because one of my friend has exactly the same issue and some others not, whatever the navigator !!!

No flickering with Safari or Firefox for me !!!

Thanks for your help !



Can you check this http://forums.artbees.net/t/content-flickers-while-scrolling-in-jupiter-6-on-chrome/


I have the same problem on Jupiter X actually, independent from the choice of the browser.


what is the Jupiter X status on flickering?


I get the flickering on the mobile site, is there a fix for that?


There is bug related to sticky menu (content is flickering/jumping while scrolling with sticky menu enabled) …still present in latest theme ver 1.3.0. - I also hope it will be fixed in next release
So if you’re using sticky menu - add following css in Additional CSS (Jupiter X -> Customize -> Additional CSS):

.jupiterx-header-stick .jupiterx-header {
margin-top: 0 !important;

Hope it will help (works for me)

Content flickers while scrolling in Jupiter 6 on Chrome

Perfect - worked a treat!