Feminine "hipster" shop template


Hey Artbees people,

Looking for a theme/template for my wife, I just noticed that there isn’t almost any “feminine” shop themes around with the feature set of a theme like Jupiter or Ken.
You can google it to see what I mean but this is a nice collection:

Although there is a fair amount of feminine themes out there, a lot of them are not woocommerce compatible. ThemeForest has pretty much none. Creative Market has some and some are from independent developers. Their prices are also really high, especially considering the narrow feature set and the fact that with a lot of them, you also need to purchase the Genesis framework.

Anywyas, hope Artbees takes an interest in this niche and does it quick! :slight_smile: I’d rather buy a new Jupiter license than put my faith in some newbie designer I am having issues trusting with development.


Most of those themes could easily be replicated in Jupiter if you know your way around it enough, the only reason I would consider those sites to be feminine is because of the use of fonts graphics and colours which has nothing to do with the theme framework but your skills as a designer.


I totally agree that they can be replicated but what surprises me is that in the Artbees doesn’t create a template to get those customers looking for a “feminine” theme. I see less skilled programmers and designers creating these themes over and over while Artbees keeps adding very similar looking templates to their library.


That’s a fair point :+1: