Featured video instead of image


this is possible? I tryed various plugins but noone works


You can insert a video by adding a new section in Elementor, edit section, click on style, click on video icon, and then paste in the link. Hope that helps!


thank you for the reply but that is not what i am searching for, I need the video instead of the feature image, so when people enter in the blog feed can play it and continue scrolling down, at the moment, people need to enter the post to watch the video.


Sorry, now I understand. I found this https://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-add-featured-video-thumbnails-in-wordpress/ but haven’t tried it. It sounds like a great idea, so let me know if you figure it out.


yeah, that is the first one I tried but it don’t work and they don’t update 3 years ago :S