FEATURE REQUEST: Parallax and video backgrounds on mobile



Nice job on Jupiter! It is an amazing theme.

It would be great if you could add a switch to enable/disable parallax for mobile devices. A second switch for video backgrounds would also be nice.


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


Video background on mobile is an absolute must when support is wider.


I would also be extremely interested in it. Any clue of a forum or something where people discuss custom fixes?


Definitely would love to have the parallax feature for mobile and Safari.


How many times we need to ask for this functionality…?!
Yes…Parallax (fixed or moving) backgrounds on mobile is an awesome option.


I get jealous when I see websites with parallax backgrounds on mobiles.


The thing is that there are parallax plugins for VC out there that work perfectly on mobile.
Plus, not even the fixed background option works in mobile …for Jupiter…!
How cool is that…?!
So, you end up designing your website with some nice background features that make the difference…and then it does not work in mobile.

Jealousy becomes wrath…and then the 7 deadly sins are just succeeding one another.

Jupiter …you are supposed to be a good ruler …that will lead your people to higher places …not to a sinful life.
What is happening to you…?


YES PLEASE add video background to mobile. There is code out there that works…

Here is an example that works on mobile




Seriously, COME ON GUYS. We should have video and parallaxing on mobile by now.

A creative agency set up my website with the Jupiter theme and I’m regretting having not just built it myself because Jupiter has turned out to be so limited. Really disappointed, honestly.


Wow! I’m just now seeing these requests. It appears users have been asking for mobile functionality a long time…