Fatal Error when updating to Jupiter 6.4.0


Hello. When trying to update from Jupiter 6.2 to 6.4, I receive this error in my log file, and the site no longer works:

PHP Fatal error: Cannot declare class Mk_Static_Files, because the name is already in use in /public_html/wp-content/themes/jupiter-6.4/framework/functions/dynamic-styles.php on line 25

The donut plugin is installed. When I try to update WP Bakery, that’s when the error/crash is triggered. Even just disabling WP Bakery causes a problem.


I have the same problem on two sites. Did you get a fix for the problem ?


Yes and no. Artbees support logged in and ran the update. It seems to be that you need to update through the Jupiter Control panel, since doing it manually like in the past doesn’t work. I think the sequence is, delete WP Bakery, then update Jupiter, and install Donut through the Control Panel, then WPBakery through Control Panel. Not through the “Install plugins” area. Can you let me know if it worked?


I deleted WPBakery and it still did not update. I now have two of my clients sites that cannot update, whether it is the 6.3 or 6.4, or now 6.4.1

We did a plugin deactivation for anything outside Jupiter ones, and that had no effect. In the past, I have had issues with the Control Panel inside WP not working and as you said, we could FTP in a new version to replace the old one, or delete the old one in the Theme section and install the new one, but now nothing is working.

I have a ticket in and it is really important they fix this glitch … thankfully the majority of my clients did update, but two of my major ones. Hopefully, they will get this fixes quickly.


Agreed. The update process is very glitchy with these new versions. I think the Donut plugin is throwing things off. I think it’s supposed to be a bridge between Jupiter 6.X and Jupiter X. Jupiter 6.2 seems to be the most stable, especially since Revolution Slider 6, which is now bundled with Jupiter 6.4, doesn’t seem to work on older devices, like iPads with ios 9.3.5.

I don’t have an exact install method to help you, since Artbees did it for me, but they told me to do it through the Control Panel, including the plugins. Until I see things more “stable”, I’m sticking with 6.2.


I am having the control panel issue as well. I updated Jupiter via File Manager last week, after repurchasing the theme so I could update it. Artbees Joseph said they would provide support once I repurchased the theme. The old purchase code was lost in space (before my job started). The control panel issue was also there before updating Jupiter which is why I could not update any plugins or the theme.


Experienced the same fatal error when updating to 6.4. Seems crazy that it causes a fatal error when simply updating the theme without a clear explanation from Artbees. Does anyone have a method without the need to wait for 5day support in between questions?


I still don’t have a proper update procedure. Artbees logged into the 2 sites I updated and they did it for me. All I was told is that they did it through the Control Panel, but not updating other sites until I see something concrete that addresses this. It is related to the Donut plugin for sure that seems to conflict with Visual Composer.


Hi everyone. I had the same issue and I was able to fix it. I’ll try to give the steps I used to do this.

  1. Change the name of the folder of the old visual composer plugin (wp/plugins/js_composer_theme)
  2. Update the plugins that are in the the latest jupiter package (artbees-captcha, jupiter-donut, layerslider, masterslider)
  3. Clear your cache or open an Incognito or Private window in your browser
  4. Access Wordpress in Recovery Mode
  5. Activate Visual Composer Donut plugin
  6. Upload the updated version of visual composer (js-composer-theme)
  7. Activate the latest version of Visual Composer

That worked for me.
Hope it works if someone else runs into this again.