Enable the background video of Page Section or ROW on mobile devices


The Page Section or ROW background video should show on mobile devices also.

Things to consider:
Make this changes in the parent theme files.
Everytime you update the theme, you will have to make these changes again.


  1. Edit core-scripts.6.1.4.js file present in themes/jupiter/assets/js folder.

  2. Go to line 7658 and comment the code from line 7658 - 7662.

  3. Edit components-full.6.1.4.css file present in themes/jupiter/assets/stylesheet folder.

  4. Go to line 9439 and comment the code from line 9439 - 9441.


  5. Now, log in to your site admin panel and go to Jupiter -> Theme Options -> Advanced -> Speed Optimizations and disable Minify Theme Javascript File and Minify Theme Styles Files option and save settings.

  6. Clear the plugin cache (if any) and clear the browser cache and see if the background video works on mobile.


Many thanks for the tip, but im stucked in the third step. That code it is not there in mine version of the theme.

Im ussing the last version released of Jupiter 6