Employees Carousel / Slider


Desperately need to have a Employees Carousel / Slider / Loop.

The current module is lacking in features. And only useful if i want to display a set number of employees.
The way it drops down onto a new line and displays all employees is not great IMO, and is only suitable for a Master “Meet the Team” page which is the only way i would use it to show all employees at once.

The only work around i have at the moment is, to display “x” number of columns in a row, and set the “randomise” button on. but this only works if the page is reloaded.

Love the them, and i think this would make an amazing feature.

Thank you & the Team



I have the same problem you


Have the same problem.
I tried it with portfolios as they have a “Load more function”. Unfortunately the text options are poor and you can’t get rid of the overlay on hover :frowning: