Embed YouTube channel


What problem is this feature request going to solve?

I’d like to embed whole YouTube or Vimeo playlists on a site instead of embedding every single video.

Description of the solution i’d like

Being able to decide between different styles. Like displaying all videos as masonry, carousel, changing columns etc. (like a portfolio)

Allternatives I’ve may considered

I may have purchased this plugin: https://elfsight.com/youtube-channel-plugin-yottie/wordpress/?reset_frame=true

But since I’m already a paying Artbees customer and think that I’m not the only one who might miss this feature: Why not suggesting it?

Also it seems like those third party solutions aren’t supported by devs anymore.

I and maybe most of your customers would be really greatful for integrating this solutions into Jupiter X!

Best regards


Thank you for requesting this as a feature. If it gets many votes, it will be implemented in the future.