Elementor Widgets not loading in Product


I am using Elementor to create Description of my products, after the latest update of Jupiter X and Elementor and only in Products widgets doesn’t load up.


What do you see in your browser console. It’s possible a JS error is causing the issue.

Elementor not working (load) when Jet Elements was activated

I am not so familiar with console but maybe you need this one



Anyone else with the same problem?


Yes I have the same problem. Elementor work fine after disable jet woo template plugin…


I need Jet Woo Plugin :frowning:


Me too.
You can restore e previous versione of elementor.
Search on Google ho to do this step.
In my case with 2.4 versione jet woo plugin wokrs fine.


The problem is that with the latest Elementor I use some features of it, like new intro effects, beacuse I have PRO. So I can not go back.


Hi with new Jet plugin update the problem has been fixed :slight_smile:


Yes problem solved but now scroll to top button doesn’t work.