Elementor not working


i can’t edit my pages with the editor, can you please help?


Are you using the stable version of the theme?

Please deactivate all your plugins except Elementor and Jupiter X Core and then test if the error still shows up?

Also, could you please tell me which PHP version are you using?


Same problem here. When i switch off all plugins except of core and elementor, it works.
I activated plugins step by step and got the problem when activating “Jet Elements for Elementor” ver. 1.14.6. - or “Raven” ver. 1.0.1

PHP Ver. 7.2.12 is used.

Fresh and clean wordpress installation.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:


Well, Jet Elements should work fine and we actually ship it with the theme and recommend to use it.

Are you using the PRO version of Elementor or the basic version that ships with the theme?



Second this With my Fresh install of Jupiter X without any additional plugins… Elementor does not open… if i disable Jet Elements for Elementor , Elementor Loads, also i can enable Jet Elements for Elementor and it will load if i Disable Raven… Looks like it will work with either of these plugins activated but not both activated…


same problem with my installation.
and it is not resolved in the last version


@shane_francis @kaveh_es Please upgrade to 1.3.0 version.
If it still happens, please go to Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> System Status and check the Memory Limit and PHP Memory Limit. Ensure they are at least 256M