Elementor not working (load) when Jet Elements was activated


Load the window of elementor but the left sidebar never end to load…


same issue here :frowning:


same here and customizer inst loading also


It will load if you disable the “Raven” Plugin. I would like to use the Raven plugin though!


Same problem here too


same here when i told them they keep telling me its on my end, finally there are others as proof


You are not the only one as it seems. We need some help here @Mohsen_Rabieai


Actually, without investigating it on a website that has the issue, it’s impossible to say what is wrong. But I believe if you downgrade the Elementor to the previous versions from Elementor -> Tools, that would resolve the issue for now.


Yes. It has to do with the raven plugin. You have to downgrade Elementor and it works. I was scratching my head over it. Definitely a problem with raven. As well as jet


Same problem here… in my case problem show up with jet woo plugin enable…


Today, Jet Elements and Jet Woo updated and no problem anymore, but I lost scroll to top button, when I click it doesn’t work.


It’s a valid bug. Reported to the team. The team is talking with Jet team to find a way to fix this issue.


Glad to hear that! Thanks!


Jet team released an update (1.15.8) to fix this issue.


problem is baaack! elementor not loading if raven is activated.


Had this problem twice.
Solution for me was to deactivate and delete all Jupiter x / Elementor plugins, then reinstall one at a time starting with the most important.

Jupiter x core
Jupiter x pro
Advanced custom fields

then Jet Elements and whatever else.

Edit: a plugin,
"Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha"
also seems to be preventing elementor from loading.


Deactivating Raven fix the issue…


It is a hugely frustrator issue. And artbees support takes forever to reply to issues now. I have to deactivate and reactivate everything to see what is incompatible


I have same issue.

I can solved it when I Deactivate JetElements For Elementor plugin.


Right. Likewise, only way I can edit. It’s too bad I use a nice widget with JetElements and stuff from Raven. Jupiter X started off so nicely, and now that they moved the plugins it has been down hill performance. Even though before the plugins were having issues updating. At least it didn’t impact my work or user experience. If I forget to activte JetElements when done, then my posts show differently.

Very frustrating. The perception is that they are currently more worried about their promotions and selling more, instead of fixing the issues.