Elementor not loading: disabling Raven?


Apologies if this issue has been addressed and resolved. It looks like this subject was last touched on last year, which doesn’t help me at this time since this issue seems to be ongoing. I can’t seem to find any real resolve to this matter.

When I attempt to edit my sites, my Elementor panel stays in a constant load screen. I did some research and saw that if you deactivate the Raven plugin, that fixes the issue. Unfortunately I cannot deactivate my Raven plugin for long as it controls the header navigation and footer of my sites.

I do not have Elementor Pro installed on these particular sites and saw that it may be the cause of the issue for some. I do have Elementor Pro for other sites I’ve built without Jupiter X and don’t have this issue with the Raven plugin. If there is something within Jupiter X that needs to be deactivated, please let me know. I have edits to many Jupiter X sites that need to be made and can’t without having to disable Raven.

Thanks in advance.