1- Elementor is stuck after installing JUPITER X
2 - Cannot roll back since ELEMENTOR says it needs the latest version to use the PRO


Have you tried version control in Elementor?


Hi Sagar,

If you have access to your files, simply rename the wp-content/plugins/elementor/ and then you will be able to access to your backend again. Then remove Elementor totally and update your theme, and all the plugins, after that from Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> Plugins perform the Elementor installation and your issue will be resolved.



Thanks - Seems like it works now, without making any alternatives.

I read somewhere that it has to do with PLUGINS from JET.

One more thing -

  1. Having a difficult time editing PRODUCT PAGE. The text sizes are not correlating to the changes done VIA JUPITER X control panel. It appears at times but later changes back to some different sizes and color.

  2. I was planning to get one of those SIX templates that were shown in the website demo, but those things are not similar. Anything I am doing wrong ?

  3. What is the best practice to make these pages. In the JUPITER X tutorials, it suggest doing via woo-commerce- JET template, or directly via CONTROL panel ? I found that doing this VIA Elmentor is the not the best practice.