Elementor do not Work in Footer


Hello! I am editing the footer of my site with the elementor, but it is not possible to insert any basic item of editing, image, text or button. Impossible to drag and drop. This problem occurs only in Footer, I can edit normally on any other page.

I already created a new template to edit from scratch, but it also did not work.

Can you help me?


You are probably doing something wrong.
Did you follow this article https://help.artbees.net/footer/creating-a-custom-footer-in-jupiter-x


Danish_Iqbal, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I followed your tutorial correctly but the problem persists. I noticed this is no longer a problem just related to the footer editor. This morning I tried to edit a page with the elementor and the same problem occurred. Now the elementor has become useless on my site. I can not edit anything else.


Okay, I understand. This looks strange.
Which version of Elementor and Theme are you using?