Elementor blank editor with raven



when i want to edit with Elementor > blank page…
I have Elementor Version 2.4.1 + and raven Version 1.0.4.

Same things with jet elements…



Please go to Elementor -> Settings -> Adnavced and set the Switch Editor Loader Method option to enable and then save the changes.

Let me know if this works?


I try this solution but it’s not working…

Now i have the same prob than Jet Tricks Breaks Elementor Editor
maybe it’s because i’m behind a proxy ? (i try to authorize https://jetelements.zemez.io/) but it’s not working.


Well, this needs some deeper investigation then.

Could you please start a new live chat with us and from there we can move ahead.
Or you can create a support ticket from here https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/new-ticket


I had the same problem and, as all solutions with this theme, just disable Raven, because it’s just the problem of all.

I hope the developers take a look to the Raven plugin because is just amazing how bad it’s made.


You can chose safe mode (elementor) too

But it will deactivate all plugin in the editor…


It seems like this issue mostly happens because of the low memory limit.
Please check Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> System Status and look for the Memory Limit and PHP Memory Limit options which should be 128M or more.


I’ve change memory limit in wp to 1024m and still got the error message in system status page.
"WP Memory Limit: 40 MB Insufficient memory"
My jupiter X is activated and every plugin is updated and I did add wp_memory_limit setting in wp_config.
Don’t know what cause this error. Is it matter or will effect the loading speed of my site?


I too am running into the problem of the system status page showing “WP Memory Limit: 40 MB Insufficient memory” even when the memory limit has been raised to 256M. php_info() shows the correct memory limit. Does anybody know what may be causing this problem?