Elementor 2.4 + Raven crashes the site and shows a fatal error


Ok why not updating Elementor? It has the bug but in the recent version there is nothing wrong with it.


The bug Jputer X + Raven + Elementor isn’t with the 2.4.4, only the 2.4.1 ?


gee you’re right it works like a charm now…



Has this issue been resolved, i have been waiting for an update can we now update the plugins. Thanks


Yes you can update everything now. But first update the Raven plugin and then update the Elementor.


I have 10 licenses and am worn out from the constant battles each time we try to update. WHY DO YOU PUT OUT UPDATES WITHOUT TESTING??

I am ready to move back to Divi Builder. The time I have spend on bug issues, I with Jupiter X I could have built 5 more sites.


Just saw the FATAL ERROR issue on my site. Followed these instructions from Danish above and it worked. Would be great if you guys can fix this from happening again. Especially as you are pushing the sale of new licenses!!!

1 - This is a bit easy way to handle this issue. Please access your site using FTP, then go to wp-content/plugins folder and remove the Raven plugin folder. Once you delete this folder, the fatal error will go away and you will be able to access your site again.

Then, go to admin panel and access Elementor -> Tools -> Version Control and rollback to the previous version which is 2.3.8 in our case.

Now, go to Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> Plugins and activate the Raven Plugin.


well, problem again!! Why does this keep happening. what a pain!!!


Would you also check out this article?


It might be related.


Thanks. I do not get a white screen of death. I get Fatal error related to raven. As I said, I followed the steps above and it resolved the issue. But then, for no apparent reason, after a day the fatal error came back.! I did nothing to the plugins in that time - no upgrades, nor to Jupiter X or Wordpress. So, why the issue again? And I followed the same steps again, and it resolved again.

I never had problems like this with Jupiter. Jupiter X is not proving to be very stable and that is a worry. Especially because I have no explanation as to what is causing the problem.


Sorry, but can you share the fatal error here? We already resolved it and you shouldn’t have this error any more.


Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method Elementor\Core\Documents_Manager::register_group() in /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-content/plugins/raven/includes/core/library/module.php:108 Stack trace: #0 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-content/plugins/raven/includes/plugin.php(538): Raven\Core\Library\Module->__construct() #1 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-content/plugins/raven/includes/plugin.php(554): Raven\Plugin->register_modules() #2 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): Raven\Plugin->init(’’) #3 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters(’’, Array) #4 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(465): WP_Hook->do_action(Array) #5 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-content/plugins/elementor/includes/plugin.php(475): do_action(‘elementor/init’) #6 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(286): Elementor\Plugin->init(’’) #7 /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(310): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array) #8 /home/ in /home/oncostem/public_html/wp-content/plugins/raven/includes/core/library/module.php on line 108


And this is the environment:
== Server Environment ==
Operating System: Linux
Software: Apache
MySQL version: Percona Server (GPL), Release 84.0, Revision 47234b3 v5.6.40-84.0
PHP Version: 7.1.26
PHP Max Input Vars: 3000
PHP Max Post Size: 128M
GD Installed: Yes
ZIP Installed: Yes
Write Permissions: All right
Elementor Library: Connected
== WordPress Environment ==
Version: 5.1
Site URL:
Home URL:
WP Multisite: No
Max Upload Size: 128 MB
Memory limit: 128M
Permalink Structure: /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/
Language: en-US
Timezone: 0
Debug Mode: Inactive
== Theme ==
Name: JupiterX
Version: 1.0.3
Author: Artbees
Child Theme: No
== User ==
Role: administrator
WP Profile lang: en_US
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_12_6) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/12.0.3 Safari/605.1.15
== Active Plugins ==
Advanced Custom Fields PRO
Version: 5.7.9
Author: Elliot Condon
Customizer Export/Import
Version: 0.9
Author: The Beaver Builder Team
Version: 2.3.8
Author: Elementor.com
JetBlog For Elementor
Version: 2.1.9
Author: Zemez
Jet Elements For Elementor
Version: 1.14.9
Author: Zemez
Version: 1.5.5
Author: Zemez
Jet Popup
Version: 1.2.4
Author: Zemez
JetTabs For Elementor
Version: 1.1.5
Author: Zemez
Jupiter X Core
Version: 1.0.0
Author: Artbees
LayerSlider WP
Version: 6.7.6
Author: Kreatura Media
Master Slider Pro
Version: 3.2.7
Author: averta
Version: 1.0.5
Author: Artbees
SG Optimizer
Version: 5.1.0
Author: SiteGround
Slider Revolution
Author: ThemePunch
WordPress Starter
Version: 1.0.0
Author: SiteGround
== Debug ==
Errors: There are no errors to display


Hi, So what do you suggest?


Your Elementor version is too old Sir. Did you update it to the latest version and then get the above error?


The first time I got the error, the Elementor was a more recent version. So i followed the steps outlined by Danish and removed Raven, then reverted element or back to v. 2.3.8, then reinstalled raven and it works.

the second time I got the fatal error, I did nothing at all and it just appeared again. So i did the same steps and it works.

Should I update something now?


You should update the Elementor to 2.4.7. Currently, its 2.3.8 based on your system report.


If i do that it will cause a fatal error again.
What version of Jupiter X, Elementor an dRaven are compatible? Looks like you are having issues with that.

also WHAT ORDER should everything be updated. What first, second… etc.


1 - FIrst update raven to 1.0.5.
2 - Then update Elementor to 2.4.7. That’s all

It should resolve the issue. In case it doesn’t please kindly share your credentials with me in a private message so I see what is wrong.