Elementor 2.4 + Raven crashes the site and shows a fatal error


Hi All,

I had the update issue but revrted back to the previous version of Elementor. Now the header, logo and top menu are not showing?


Thanks, new to this theme - so didnt think Id have to check the support forum while doing the basic install. All good now tho.


We apologize for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately, Elementor released a new update which crashed the Raven plugin and we faced a zero day bug issue.


We did have the same issue here! Elementor + Raven crashes Site with actual versions. !


Were you able to fix it then?


That fatal error remains here (code 500), Even after delete Elementor and Raven and reinstall it through panel. Im using Elementor 2.4.1 and Raven 1.0.4


Well, the Raven update should actually fix the issue.

Could you please start a live chat with us as we will need to investigate it deeper.



The fix crashed my site again today. Is the fix not working? Followed your instructions perfectly. Please advise


The fix is working absolutely fine.
Are you sure you updated the Raven first and then the Elementor?


I’ve updated Jupiter core today (1.0.2) and, again, Raven + Elementor crashed entire website.

If I use the latest plugins versions, Raven need to be deactiveted to everything works fine. If Raven is enabled, Elementor v.2.3.8 has to be used (and in this case, edit a page with Elementor and Raven is much slower than without Raven).

There is a live chat to talk with you to help find a solution?


Yes, please go to your Artbees account and you will find the live chat at the right bottom of the page.

Moreover, you need to first update the Raven plugin and then the Elementor to make this work.
Are you sure you updated the Raven first instead of the Elementor?


Ok, I will try the chat.
Yes, I updated Raven, than Elementor. I tried delete both plugins and install one by one, without success.


Can you also confirm that you have upgraded the theme to 1.1.0?


Yes, I’m using theme version 1.1.0, Elementor 2.4.4, Jupiter X Core 1.0.2 and Raven 1.0.5 (in server running PHP 7.2).
With Raven active, when I try to edit a page with Elementor I got blank screen or 404 error. Sometimes error 500.

For now I decided don’t use Raven.


Got the same issue here.
I’ve downgraded to Elementor 2.3.8 and even to Raven 1.0.3 because the 1.0.5 keeps crashing the website.
But now it’s woocommerce 3.5.4 that crashes, the pages are blank.

Did you figured out what it was ?



Are you using Elementor Pro?

Also, which PHP version are you using?


no I’m not using Elementor Pro and this project is in php v7.2.14


Ok can you update everything and then share the list of plugins you are using with the version of them?


Ok, except Elementor everything is up to date now


I think I will make a brand new installation, something must have been corrupted.