Elementor 2.4 + Raven crashes the site and shows a fatal error


Same thing for me, it downloads 2.4.0 and crashes again


Same thing for me too… It downloads elementor 2.4.0 and crashes the website again


My apologies to all of you. It seems like Jupiter X control panel is directly linked to Elementor repo on wp.org and that is why it installs the latest update.

For now, please downgrade to the previous version which is 2.3.8.

Please go to https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/advanced/ and scroll down till you find the Previous Versions select box. Set the version to 2.3.8 and download it.


@Mark_Alesbury @Peryx_Thierry @Julie_Saba

Please checkout the post again. I have now added 2 ways to handle this issue, among which the 1st one is a bit easy way to handle this issue.


Thanks Danish. That’s got it!


Thank you Danish it works !


After do that I have a error with Elementor. The preview can’t load.
I have WooCommerce 3.5.3 activated in it but when I deactivate it, it’s work.
So it’s have a problem with WooCommerce too.


That seems to be a separate issue.
Please start a live chat with us as we would need to investigate it further.



@Danish_Iqbal now there is a new update - does this work? https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/#developers


it broke for me too i deleted the plugin, but when i installed the template it tried to bring back that plugin and crashed again. it will not work with template demo uploads


I did but its crashing again n again wht to do and why my header & Footer effecting


Hi Im totally new to Jupiter and said Id try it out.

Ive tried to install it on two different servers and its crashed both sites.

Like it uploads fine and when I run through the installation of the core files it just gives me a revolving ball of boredom and death.

Cud this be to do with this issue here you are identifying? Do I need to go into FTP and delete this elemenator plug in?

Or is it something else?

Thanks in advance. Im hoping Jupiter X is as good as my friend said it is.


Please wait for the Raven update, you can update Elementor after Raven.


Please install Elementor 2.3.8 before installing a template. The link of this version is above in the main article.

After this, you can install a template and that will work fine.


Well, I’m sure you are missing a step because this works for the rest.


While installing initially, did you install the theme files only or plugins too?


Hi All,

I had the update issue but revrted back to the previous version of Elementor. Now the header, logo and top menu are not showing?


Thanks, new to this theme - so didnt think Id have to check the support forum while doing the basic install. All good now tho.


We apologize for the inconvenience.
Unfortunately, Elementor released a new update which crashed the Raven plugin and we faced a zero day bug issue.


We did have the same issue here! Elementor + Raven crashes Site with actual versions. !