Edge slider within Edge One Pager: upper half gone



Been fiddling around with The Ken the past six months and am very gradually sometimes getting to grips with the thing.

Used the Freelancer template, but changed to the default theme. There I learned a bit more about how visual composer works. Wanted to apply one basic trick from the Default, namely the Edge slider at the top of my page, but in Freelancer.
So I reinstalled everything, emptied the first page of het Onepager and inserted the Edge slider. At first, the Edge Slider within the Onepager Edge seemed to work, but after refresh, it only shows the upper half of my slides at the bottom of the page. The upper half of the page is just one grey rectangle.

Nowhere can I find a setting that looks as if it is remotely responsible for this.

My question: what could be causing this?


Never mind. Decided to switch back again.