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Hello community,

what’s the best way to set up an automatically updating “current year timestamp” in the sub footer copyright text section of Jupiter in order to get a result like this “© 2008-2018 Company.” (where 2018 is dynamic)?

I’m asking here because I think this is a common request for many users out there and hopefully someone has already solved it. Thanks in advance for your support!

Feature Request: Dynamic Copyright Date


Unfortunately, there is no shortcode to insert into footer to show dynamic copyright date at the moment.

You can submit a feature request for this in the Artbees Themes Community forum.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Thanks for your fast reply. Feature request: Done.


You’re welcome.

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Does Jupiter’s sub-footer take JavaScript or PHP? I found JavaScript and PHP snippets for a dynamic date here: http://updateyourfooter.com/


Hello @Linda_Bourdeaux,

Sorry, but PHP code or JS can’t be added to sub-footer section.

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@crocovision @Linda_Bourdeaux

To show the copyright date dynamically, you can actually add the below HTML and JS to the Sub Footer Copyright Text textarea in Theme Options -> Footer -> Sub Footer

All Rights Reserved ©<span id="copyright_year"></span>

var d = new Date();
document.getElementById("copyright_year").innerHTML = d.getFullYear();



Woohoo! Thanks for this!


Thanks for this helpful input. It works like a charm!


I’d still prefer a non-JS solution so that spiders crawling the site see the copyright text as intended.


Well, the solution is written in vanilla JS and the crawlers (atleast google bot) will be able to see it perfectly.

Alternatively, you can modify the core PHP file to show the dynamic date if not the JS solution.



Can you tell us how to do that modification in the PHP file, please?
Thank you