Duplicate website for testing/issue fixing



Due to an issue in Woocommerce & WPML, I have to duplicate my WP-website for testing reasons.
How can I duplicate my website, knowing this is only for testing reasons and I only have 1 Jupiter Artbees licence?
Do I have to buy a new licence just for that duplicate-test-website?

Thanks in advance.



Hello @Cedric_De_Clercq

You don’t have to buy a new license. Just go to this URL, delete a old license and regenerate a new one for your test site.
When you have finished testing please delete the existing and again generate a new one.


Best regards,
Artbees Support


Maybe we could add a dev and production domain to our license options? I have this issue with having to do this whole dance between licenses. I completely understand the need to track where people are using their purchases but it’s also holding up people who are using your themes on a higher level. We are actually contemplating using this theme as the basis for a fairly large corporate web presence, this and couple other technical issues are currently in the way of us deciding to do choose your themes over other offerings though.