Duplicate element of theme


Hello everybody,

I need your help,
I would like to make my site a multilingual site and for that, copied, duplicate the elements of the theme like tab slider or edge slideshow.
Any idea ? Copier modules like DUPLICATE POST only copy pages and posts, but not that kind of specific element.

I also have a problem with Visual composer (WPBakery) present at the purchase of the theme, I can not update it…How can i get the latest version of this module that i already paid with the theme ?

Thanks for you answers.



Why not using Polylang or WPML in case you want to create a multilingual website? Here is how you can do it:



Yes I use polylang

After creating a language, you will need to add the content in the target language. In other words, you’ll need to translate each of the pages and posts that you want to display in other languages.

and so I’m translating, to be done I duplicate the page and then change the text for the translations.

BUT for elements of the type tabslide, edge slideshow or even employees, I have to create new elements, and configure them each time (I have 5 languages to do), I would like to know if there is a way to duplicate its elements with their settings so I just have to change the text as I do with my pages ?


Sorry, in WPML we have translation for post types, but appears like it’s not possible to do it in PolyLang. You have to do it manually as you are doing right now.


OK, thank you very much for your answer.
It’s a little tedious but it’s done in the end :slight_smile:.