Does Jupiter X really mean that every single jupiter site will now have to be rebuilt on Jupiter X?


With the new JupiterX it says they’ll continue support of what now is “Legacy Jupiter” versions 6+. So every single site the 75+ thousand users have relied on and made artbees famous has now got a timeline of just 1 year left to function?

This seems like a pretty big slap in the face. We have a ton of client sites… I don’t even know what to say.


Hi Ben,

Definitely we don’t take such decisions lightly, since yesterday we have received some feedbacks from beta users and decided to keep the active maintenance and support for 18 months (rather than 12). However after this period we will not completely abandon Jupiter and still provide security and plugin compatibility updates for an infinite timeframe. This is a gradual process and we will practice the same transition as the industry requires. the same examples you can find in other softwares in the market.

Without our clients we would have not even existed as a company so we are always behind our products.



I actually feel the same as Ben, have been using this theme for a ton of websites for our clients and projects and we now have to like rebuild our clients websites entirely in a new theme for us being able to update their website with the promises we have made. This is gonna cost our company a lot of time and money.


Thank you @Mohsen_Rabieai

This is very very very reassuring news. You guys should do a blog post about this to reassure current Jupiter users. Thank you for committing to 18 Months and knowing that even after that period you guys won’t completely abandon Legacy is exactly the news we wanted to hear. We’re just as excited as anyone about X and all the new possibilities with Elementor but at the same time we’re still responsible for all the sites we’ve made so far on the current Jupiter. Now knowing it won’t be abandoned renews our trust. Greatly appreciate you guys stepping up and supporting the business owners who use your theme.


Hi guys, I have read the news about Jupiter X. From the one hand it looks like an excellent project, from the other hand it’s a pain in the butt for us who have built sites with Jupiter 6 until recently. The idea of having to rebuild from zero a site, redo the CSS customizations could easily mean losing customers: yes, tell them to pay for a new site when we used 6 a year ago… In fact, I will have to look elsewhere for the time being. It’s sad for me, because your customer care is fantastic.

I wish you will provide a migration tool, at least for theme options. And I hope you’ll fix and finish header builder before launching X.


Agree on header builder. In beta for so long and very buggy. If migration to X (great idea about the migration tool) is inevitable, I hope the header functions are more modern and customizable than they are/have been in J6.


I have to echo Ben’s sentiments. I have tons of client sites built with Jupiter. I am excited about Jupiter X, but this makes me have to rethink my strategy going forward.


Thank you for this discussion. The need to migrate older Jupiter sites to X puts all of us developers who have been recommending Jupiter to our clients in a tough position. It doesn’t seem right to have to ask clients to pay us to migrate their site from a theme we recommended. On the other hand, doing migrations for free could end up being a huge loss. Then there’s also the question of what to do from now until Jupiter X is launched. I can’t, in good faith, recommend a theme to clients knowing we’ll have to redo large parts of it in the near future.

I definitely appreciate any assurances you can offer that ongoing, indefinite security updates/support for the old Jupiter will continue. I wonder if Jupiter X couldn’t just be a new/different theme…


I agree, I am a Jupiter VIP member, and my clients will not be happy when I tell them how much it’s going to cost to convert their 50-60 page website over to Jupiter X . 18 months or not the end result is the same I won’t absorb the cost, I might as well move to another theme! I feel like we paid our dues with the last major update (version 4 or 5 ?) and they told us that we would never have to do another migration again.


I think the only solution is to make Jupiter X compatible with both WP Bakery and Elementor.

This means that my old websites can stay on WP Bakery, and if compatible with both, new pages etc… can be built using Elementor. And slowly but surely do a migration for our clients as they ask for new content updates…

I’m not even sure this is possible, programming wise.


@Paul_Aswad It is compatible with both


For those who are still looking for answers:

The migration needs to be done manually as Jupiter X is not compatible with the previous versions yet. If you decide to upgrade to Jupiter X, you will have to manually re-create your site in Jupiter X + Elementor because WPBakery shortcodes present in Jupiter 6 are not present in Jupiter X yet. They will be available in a couple of months though. You can wait for a couple of months until we release the missing WPBakery shortcodes and then migrate to Jupiter X.


You can stay with Jupiter 6 because Artbees has decided to maintain & support it indefinitely till Artbees exists :slightly_smiling_face:


Really? Indefinitely? I wish I could get in touch with support. I’m having issues with the theme and Joseph promised they would be help me once I repurchased the theme and provided the purchase code.