Disabling WPBakery Page BUilder (Modified Version) update prompts unless Artbees has released one?



As a fledgling design firm, we have about a dozen websites that use a Jupiter license and the included modified version of WPBakery’s Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer). Quite annoyingly, and to the frustration of some of our more involved clients, the plugin notifies of an update, even when one isn’t available. This is due to the “actual” vanilla version of Page Builder having an update available. However, the Jupiter theme is dependent upon the modified/enhanced version that Artbees supplies for it, and so WordPress is unable to update the plugin until Artbees has released an update themselves.

I would like to request a fix in the next version of Jupiter to disable notifications of this plugin unless Artbees has an update available - it’s pretty sloppy and unprofessional, in our opinion, to not be able to resolve an update over 95% of the time, as there is almost always a more recent version of Page Builder than Artbees has released. If the plugin can’t be updated anyway, just don’t let it “feign” that it needs it.


Thank you for your request.

We have already decided to fix it and it’s just a matter of time before the notifications are fixed.