Dirty code


I found in the source code a lot of this pieces of code like that:

< style id =" mk-shortcode-style-39 " type = " text / css > . { } < / style >

I guess it’s when you not define any style for the element automaticly you get this piece of code, but it should be some kind of solution that if you not define styles then this code shouldn’t be appear.

I hope someone have a solution for that.



We have already let the dev team know about it and hopefully, it will be looked after in the future.



Any news about it? Thanks


Unfortunately, nothing yet.

This might take some time as the issue is not too critical.



Not for you but for me it’s important, not critical but it’s important. So if I pay for the support you will resolve this problem or I will be waiting for that?



You solved this problem in your last update (6.1)?

Let me know something please. Thanks


As already said, this issue is not too critical to be fixed out of priority.

There is a huge list of improvements, bug fix and features that need to be taken care of as they are very critical.

This issue could be fixed sometime in the future but not anytime soon.