Device mockup Frame for Images


The Mockup Frame for video in Raven is great, but why is this not implemented as well on images? I would love to use this mockup for a landing page with video and images that has this mockup frame.

Also, are you guys thinking in adding more mockups? Having only desktop and laptop seems very limited. You can always add the tablet, mobile or multiple devices (though i’m not sure how you would do that).

Letting us put our custom vector there would be great as well. Is there a way to do this by replacing certain files in the rave plugin?


As of now, there are no plans to add any extra frames but may be in the future.

Yes, you can probably add your own frame but that would require you to consult a good developer.



It is implemented in videos because there is no easy way for users to insert a video inside a mockup in their website. But inserting an image inside a mockup is pretty easy and common.