Developer Documentation? jupiterx_modify_action & jupiter_add_smart_action example or explanation


Hello, is there a link you can provide to Jupiter X dev documentation? For template manipulation for custom post types w/example or two? Something that helps in terms of how to think about solving layout concerns with jupiterX?

I find the UI very intuitive and easy to use. But when I’m trying to do things like: create a custom template for my custom post type, I’m having to do trial and error with hooks, ids, and tags, oh my. Pretty much just trial and error at this point.

Is there something that explains the over arching concepts (I realize they’re some type of super wordpress action/hook system). Closest I’ve found is this: Adding/Customizing a Blog Single post template?

…but a much of the code doesn’t seem to work unless I Frankenstein it a bit. thanks!

Thanks for bringing a bit of build tooling as part of the child theme, and LESS chef’s kiss!