Cyllene template in JupiterX - where is it?


Hi, I bought JupiterX to use with Elementor and your Cyllene template. But in the JupiterX control panel in my Wordpress dashboard, the Cyllene template does not appear. When will you be making the Cyllene template available to JupiterX? Will you eventually be adding all the Jupiter6 templates for JupiterX?

Here’s the Cyllene template I’m referring to:

Thank you!



There are more than 160 templates in Jupiter.
We have already added around 60 templates to Jupiter X and gradually adding rest of the templates.
It will be few weeks before all the templates will be available in Jupiter X. Please stay put.



Thank you! That’s what I was hoping to hear.


could you please sign which theme is compatible with jupiter x. all these themes seems only for jupiter 6 right?


Hi @Hannes_Fuchs,

Jupiter X Template List

other / new templates will be added in the future.

Have a great day