Customize Contact Form


Hello there, I added a contact form on my page and I’d love to add another field to it, a drop down to be more specific. Where could I jump in and add that field?

Also, how can I get the classic look using a plugin like contact form 7 - in case I want to customize the forms fields to another level but keeping the same look from the theme.

Thank you so much!


page I’m referring to is on


Customization of the contact form shortcode falls into category which is outside the scope of our free support policy. You have to use Contact From 7 plugin and unfortunately you can not use the styles of the normal contact form in the forms in this plugin.


This is really kind of ridiculous that website field is included in the default form. I can think of countless websites where this field is irrelevant. If you think about all the potential applications of a contact form really what percentage of people need or want a website field. Must be more to the story …


Couldn’t agree more.


Totally agree, this is something which really needs to be customizable.


+1, website field not needed, drop down filed on the other side :slight_smile:


Agreed… this needs to customizable, this theme isn’t exactly cheap and does boast how “customizable” it is.


So, is there any chance to remove Website field from contact form? This field is irrelevant for website that I make!


Totally agree - make it phone rather than website at least…